PGH50优质重型扭结花园软管,5/8“内径x 50'

特价59.99美元 价格表$ 83.74
  • 工业级,高级花园软管由100%EDPM橡胶构建
  • 优越的灵活性 - 易于使用和线圈,所有天气条件下降至-40°华氏度
  • 防压重型镀镍黄铜联轴器
  • 耐用结构 - 具有双螺旋增强的六角形(6面)形状
  • 永久性扭结和自豪地制作的U.S.a。
  • 5/8“内径x 50'长度
  • 在温度范围内使用-40°至+ 180°F华氏度;额定到125 psi(500 psi爆裂压力)
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雨鸟PGH50 Premium Heavy-Duty Garden Hose, 100% EDPM Rubber, Hexagonal, 5/8" Inside Diameter x 50’ Long, Green. Premium, industrial-grade garden hose constructed of 100% EDPM rubber for superior flexibly, kink-resistance and ease of coiling in all weather conditions...even to a bone-chilling -40° Fahrenheit! Proudly Made-in-the-U.S.A. and built to last season after season. Heavy-duty hexagonal (6-sided) shape and double-spiral reinforcing; permanently resists kinking that weakens water flow in common hoses. Robust crimped-on nickel plated, brass couplings won’t crush or bend…even when run over by a vehicle. The watering hose of choice for professional gardeners, contractors, golf courses, greenhouses and municipal parks. Dimensions: 5/8" (inside diameter) x 50' length. Specifications: use within temperature range of -40° to +180° Fahrenheit; rated to 125 psi (500 psi burst pressure).
喷嘴入口螺纹 3/4在GHT - 花园软管螺纹
  • 5/8“内径x 50'长度
  • 在温度范围内使用-40°至+ 180°F华氏度;额定到125 psi(500 psi爆裂压力)